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Unique terrain for testing, training and event, with off-road course and Europe's only proving ground tunnel for testing autonomous vehicles


Qualifications for test driver
Simulation // Training // Documentation // Verification

Software D.I.S.

Development // Innovation // Support. Freely planned according to your wishes, developed with the latest technologies


Automotive software and drive concepts

Since 2004, the employees of the RAISCH GROUP have been successfully developing software for the automotive industry and are the experts in the field of qualifications for test drivers and coaches.

From the first contact with driving in our driving simulator, to the proving ground license in our driving technology center, we offer our customers the complete solution for the training and further education of their drivers, including administration, documentation and proof of qualifications at customers and on proving grounds worldwide.

With the platform Fahrberechtigung.de we have developed a unique, OEM independent, system for the management, documentation and proof of driver qualifications of all kinds.
My team and I are looking forward to seeing you.

Sincerely, yours Michael Raisch

Our logo // 3 montains // 3 countries // 3 core competencies // 1 target, to the top!

Fahrberechtigung.de Sport

Engagement im Motorsport

The RAISCH GROUP engages in motorsport with the department Fahrberechtigung.de Sport

Since 2018, the Raisch Group has been sponsoring partner of Laurents Hörr. Laurents is an extremely talented, ambitious and young racer who has proven his talent in various racing series such as the Formula Renault 2.0.
We support him now on his way up. The first important step is the LMP3 Series at the Le Mans Cup 2018.

At the Le Mans Cup he has been able to prove his talent on several occasions.

My team and I look forward to supporting Laurents on his future career path.

Laurents Hörr with team chef - Le Mans Cup 2018 - Cicruit Paul Ricard

LAURENTS HÖRR - faster to the top

Dutt Motorsport

Motorsport impressions 2018

Le Mans Series - Saison 2018


Our plans for the future

For years, we have a vision ...
Every day we work hard ...
Every day we come closer to this ...

Worldwide standardization of driver qualification certificates

We can not improve the whole world ...
... but a small part already ...


The platform for the management, documentation and proof of driver qualifications of all kinds.
Cars // Trucks // Buses // Motorcycles // Construction Machinery // Special Vehicles


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Administration //

Ahornweg 21
D-72221 Haiterbach

Management and customer service //

Marktstrasse 1
D-72202 Nagold

Software D.I.S. //

Marktstrasse 12
D-72202 Nagold

VRC - Virtual Reality and Training-Center //

Hummelbergstrasse 1
D-72184 Eutingen im Gäu

Driver qualification //

Landstrasse 340
LI-9495 Triesen

Driving technology center FAHRWELT //

Mattighofner Strasse 48
A-5274 Burgkirchen


Project weeks in Liechtenstein // Working on the Rhine // Living on the mountain // Taking the e-mountain bike to work
Project weeks in Austria in our FAHRWELT // Working and training // Driving safety for the employees


Start today

Customer care + training planning (full time 40h / week)

Currently, all jobs are filled.

Web Developer - Software Developer

To strengthen our team, we are looking for support in the field of software developers C # / .NET with focus on web applications (m / w)

• Development of web applications and desktop applications in .NET environment
• Development of user interfaces using the latest technologies
• Voting and project dates with the customers
• Independent and holistic implementation of projects

Professional requirement:
• Completed study of computer science or comparable education
• Conceptualization and modeling experience using UML
• Very good knowledge of the programming languages ​​C # (possibly Java) and the associated frameworks
• Good knowledge of web surface development (Web 2.0) and bootstrap
• Well-founded XML knowledge of advantage
• Good database knowledge in MS SQL and / or ORACLE

Personal skills:
• High operational readiness
• Independent working method
• Reliable and systematic work
• Very good German language skills, English skills are an advantage

What we offer:
• Performance-based payment
• Interesting projects in the field of automotive development
• Flexible working hours (40h week)
• A young, creative team in which you have the opportunity to bring in your ideas and ideas
• Work that is fun

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The heads of the Group

Michael Raisch

Michael Raisch

Jun 1976 // Freudenstadt

1992 | Training as draftsman / engineer
2001 | Computer science at b.i.b. Paderborn
17.11.2004 | Founder and CEO SERV4NESS GmbH
16.03.2017 | Founder and CEO RAISCH GmbH
21.04.2018 | Founder and CEO FTZ Auto FAHRWELT GmbH

Michael Pohl

Michael Pohl
Head of Development

Nov 1977 // Mutlangen

1996 | Training as a data technology assistant
2006 | Joined the RAISCH GROUP as software developer
2007 | Developer for large customer projects
2008 | Head of Development

Alexander Hölzle

Alexander Hölzle
Head of Training and Quality

Dez 1977 // Freudenstadt

2008 | Training as IT specialist at RAISCH GROUP
2011 | Start as a software developer at RAISCH GROUP
2014 | QMB (Certification nach DIN IS0 9001:2008)
2016 | Head of Training and Quality

Melanie Petrovic

Melanie Petrovic
Head of customer service and training

Jul 1971 // Freudenstadt

1987 | Training as a saleswoman
1995 | Store management in retail
2017 | Customer care and training at RAISCH GROUP
2018 | Head of customer service and training

Sebastian Wrona

Sebastian Wrona
Head of Technology and Innovation

Aug 1978 // Gleiwitz

2000 | Technician army
2006 | Training as software developer
2011 | Software developer at RAISCH GROUP
2018 | Head of Technology and Innovation

Michael Raisch

Ihr neuer Job?
Head of Driving technology center

2019 | From Januar we are lokking for

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RAISCH GROUP in numbers

The most important key figures

Target: 1 // Countries: 3 // Locations: 6 // Employees: 20+



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administered qualifications

Driving technology center

Unique terrain for testing, training and event, with off-road course and Europe's only proving ground tunnel for testing autonomous vehicles
Our driving technology center "FAHRWELT" in Burgkirchen, Upper Austria, is a state-of-the-art driving technology center for cars, motorbikes and trucks! The versatile terrain of around 32,000 m² has been harmoniously integrated into the landscape and has state-of-the-art technical equipment.
Our tracks are equipped with sliding surface and water obstacles. On the circular path, the driver's reactions to oversteer or understeer are required at different speeds.
With computer-controlled simulations, e.g. on the hydraulic slingshot the drivers learn to keep control of their vehicles. The sliding linings perfectly simulate situations on ice and snow. On the dynamic surface precise response is needed every second.
The mountain route with two different gradients of 9% and 14% with sliding surface and water hazards is perfect for a variety of exercises such as drifting in a long curve, simulation of ice slipper, etc.

Our tunnel is unique in Europe! The proving ground tunnel makes it possible to test autonomous vehicles. The certification by demolition of the GPS and Galileo signals can be tested here.
In addition, the tunnel is equipped with a side wind and sprinkler system at the exit.
Due to its S-shape a straight passage and a complete view through the proving ground tunnel is not possible.

In off-road terrain, fun is safety! On around 2,700 m², steep rides, car snow, sand transit, safari roles, stairs and other obstacles require everything from the drivers.


On around 2,700 m², steep rides, car snow, sand transit, safari roles, stairs and other obstacles require everything from the drivers.

Practice tunnel

Unique in Europe!

Our tunnel is unique in Europe! The proving ground tunnel makes it possible to test autonomous vehicles. The certification by demolition of the GPS and Galileo signals can be tested here.
Due to its S-shape a straight passage and a complete view through the proving ground tunnel is not possible.
Equipped with a fog system and the necessary safety equipment, the tunnel is also ideal for exercises by emergency services.

For vehicle testing, the tunnel at the exit offers a crosswind system with simulated rain.

  • crosswind system
  • rain simulation
  • mist system
  • Safety

Technical data

  • Hight: 3,10 m
  • Max. headroom: 2,80 m
  • Length in carriageway center: 43,00 m
  • Tunnel width: 5,00 m
  • Roadway width: 4,00 m
  • Radius in the middle of the road: 17,00 m (Rechts- und Linkskurve)
  • Emergency lay length: 11,00 m
  • Emergency lay width: 2,50 m

Unique architecture

Harmoniously integrated into the landscape // state-of-the-art technical equipment

The ideal place for your product presentations and events!
The passable presentation hall offers space for up to 400 guests in addition to your vehicles.
Whether vehicle presentation with demonstration on the routes or unique customer events, we offer the perfect ambience.

FAHRWELT 2020 - Extension of the site in 2019

Because innovations need space

The FAHRWELT is being expanded.
From 2019 additional elements will be available

// 2 x 300m training tracks, watered with gliding surface, slingshot, Water obstacle, speed and distance measuring system
// 100m driving dynamics surface
// 1,500m circuit
// Workshop with lifting platforms, offices and seminar room (from 2020)
Driving dynamic area with


meter Diameter

2 Training tracks with


meter length

Circuit with


meter lenth

Total area expanded to


square meters

Driving Simulator - the first step to become a test drive

In our VRC - Virtual Reality und Training-Center

In the course of globalization foreign employees in Germany are also increasingly required to drive test vehicles. Since there are often different traffic rules in the individual countries it is not easy for these employees to drive a vehicle in accordance with the rules of the traffic regulations without instruction. In addition for many employees it is difficult to handle a vehicle with a manual gearbox.

The driving simulator enables an energy-saving, eco-friendly, weather-independent, efficient and stress-free driver tuition - and this without risk for man and machine. The software automatically guides the employee through the various training contents either in German or English.
experience it in the driving simulator then. A detection system analyzes the drive and gives the driver a rating after each lesson.

So he can learn from his mistakes and improve his skills by repeating. The simulator consists of original vehicle components with gearshift in conjunction with three 48-inch monitors and VR glasses.

In our VRC, we train future drivers in the simulator and aspiring test drivers as part of the test drive training

Übersicht // Buchen

Theory lesson before the start with the vehicles for the test drive training


Training in the driving simulator with the latest software and the latest generation of VR glasses from Oculus

Training - the second step to become a test drive

In our driving technology center FAHRWELT

Tesst drive training

Real test drive feeling in a motorcad

The practical part for the FB-E und T1.

  • Execution of specially trained trainers according to DVR guidelines with test experience
  • Theoretical part at the beginning of the training and debriefing
  • Practical (85% of the training period) Part of a 240 km long route across and through the Black Forest
  • Regular vehicle changes at defined destinations
  • Position of different vehicles
  • Equipment of vehicles with radio
  • Catering for participants with snacks, snacks and drinks
  • Conference room and parking for participant vehicles
  • Issuing Certificates
  • Personal folder with training materials to look up and take away
Overview // book

Driver safety training

The vehicle safely under control

For the “small” prototype driving license, a one-day driver’s safety training according to the DVR standard is sufficient in addition to the test drive training.
We offer this in our driving technique center and at seven other locations with our partner AASP.

Overview // book

Principles of driving physic

Understand what happens

Before you participate in the test site driving license or in the driver’s safety training you should understand driving physics. Why does a car do what it does and what can I do to antagonize it? You will learn this and other topics in the approx. three-hour training. So you are optimally prepared for the real training and handle this with knowledge.

Overview // book

Test site driving licens

Internationally recognized - a MUST for all test sites

The test site driving license according to the OEM standard is a MUST on test sides and test tracks worldwide. The German OEM’s have agreed on a standard and defined the training content.
With a partner we organize the test site driving license in our driving technology center FAHRWELT

Overview // book

Special dates for all trainings possible!

If you have need for special appointments for a whole group (at least 8 participants), we can also organize this for you. Price on request.

Make a booking/h1>

Documentation and administration - the third step to become a test driver

Only what has been documented correctly is valid just in case

With our platform fahrberechtigung.de your drivers are set up in just a few steps and the qualifications are documented. Every registered driver receives his personal fxCard which serves as proof on test sites and for customers a nd as an online login for the driver and for the documentation of trainings at fxStations (test drive training, driver’s safety training, first aid, test site driving license)
The administrator has online access to the drivers' qualifications and fxCards any time. So he can, if necessary, lock and release the fxCard of a particular driver. On the dashboard he always has an overview of which driver still needs which training to obtain a qualification.

In just 4 steps a driver is created and his qualifications documented


Create driver with passport photo for the fxCard


Angestrebte Qualifikation auswählen


Book or add required training / training


Upload certificates / training certificates

Proof - the most important step for test drivers

Only what can be proved is also present

fxCard vorne - Fahrberechtigung.de
fxCard hinten - Fahrberechtigung.de

The challenge of the driver

How do you prove your currently valid driver qualification / driving authorization on a proving ground, such as the ATP Papenburg? How do you ensure to the proving ground operator that you have the appropriate driver qualification / driving authorization or that this is still valid?

The challenge of proving ground operators and fleet managers

How do you check if the driver has the required driver qualification / driving authorization? And if he owns them, how do you check that they are still valid?

The solution for ALL

With the fxCard for the electronic proof of driver qualifications / driving permissions, we have developed a unique system that gives OEMs and their suppliers the opportunity to prove their driver qualifications / driving privileges to third parties. For proving ground operators, it offers the greatest possible certainty that the required driver qualification / driving authorization is fully valid at the time of the proof. A documentation of when which driver has proven his driver qualification / driving authorization gives you additional security.

The fxDatabase

The established standards between car manufacturers form the heart of the fxCard database. In conjunction with interfaces of all kinds to connect your company's internal database, the fxDatabase ensures guaranteed up-to-dateness of the data.
Encrypted connections and encrypted data storage according to the latest standards ensure the security of your data. In addition, our employees are strictly committed to secrecy.

Proof of driver qualifications

By simply placing the card on a fxStation on a test site or at any other fxStation, your driver qualification will be proven and the process documented.

Documentation of training courses

Simply placing the card on an fxStation at training providers with an fxStation will document their participation in the training and display it in their company account.

Trainer function

Are you a training provider and do you have trainers with different qualifications? You can also easily manage these. With the trainer card it is possible for a trainer to document the training assigned to him at any fxStation worldwide.
Your first aid trainer will take a course with clients in the house who have an fxStation but do not have the necessary rights to document that course. With the laying on of the card of the trainer the documentation is released once.

Target group

Car manufacturer
Suppliers to the automotive industry
Test site operator
Fleet manager
Driver of test vehicles
Training Provider
Coach / trainer

The Fahrberechtigung.de App

The Fahrberechtigung.de App, your mobile fxStation


Optimized for your iPhone.
Reading the fxCard's with QR code.

Android ®

Optimized for your smartphone with Android operating system.
Read the fxCard's via NFC or with the camera via QR code.

Windows ®

Optimized for your Windows Phone.
Read the fxCard's via NFC or with the camera via QR code.

QR Code

Since iPhones do not support NFC, the data can also be easily read using the printed QR code.

NFC function

Comfortable reading of fxCard's with the NFC function of your smartphone. Simply hold the fxCard to the back of your smartphone.

Data historicization

In order to be prepared for the case of cases, all read-out processes incl. The data at the readout time are historicized.

fxStationen on test sites and more ...


Development // Innovation // Support

Excel lists in the office everyday life are a fine thing. But what if it gets too many and you lose track? What if each of your employees or colleagues create their own formats and nothing fits together afterwards? What happens when mistakes are made by copying back and forth or important data is lost?

Of course you have often thought of a software that anyone can access, where data is stored securely and centrally. But SAP and Co. are too inflexible for you, they do not fit into your work process and they offer far too many features that you do not need, but you have to pay dearly and functions that you need are not available. In addition, usually a software alone is not enough.

Then have a software developed for your needs. A software that adapts to your processes, one that offers all the features you need, one that is flexible and secure, one that is easy to use and just made for you, one that offers unlimited possibilities and can also be available as an app One, individual software for you.

Innovation literally means "innovation" or "renewal".
Our "Technology and Innovation" department deals with this topic on a daily basis and advises you already when planning your software.

Care means caring for someone (being there for someone to look after, support, help with decisions).
"The RAISCH GROUP does not leave you alone."
We look after you before, during and after Development of your software. So we can achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

You need an outstanding software solution

Since customer projects are always classified as confidential, here are some internal projects

Fahrberechtigung.de plattform April 2018
Fahrberechtigung.de App May 2018
fxCard reader sstation April 2014


Means for us ... developing with passion

Our head of technology and innovation is himself a passionate developer.
This motivates him to always adopt the latest techniques, adapt them to our needs
and pass this on to our development colleagues.



We are here for you, before, during and after the introduction of your software

Our colleagues look after you in a friendly, competent and personal way.
No waiting loops, no telephone announcements - 100% personal support for our customers.

+49 (0) 7452 - 633 922 0

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